NBC reporting Evansville has a burn ban in place.

Nice to know.  But does anyone really need to be told NOT to set fire’s?      I would hope people would use common sense and not do it with out some telling them not to.

My kids think I am no fun as I told them  ” No fireworks,  if we burn down the neighborhood we will never hear the end of it.”      They do not think a few fireworks would hurt, but it is so dry.


This also includes a ban on grilling.

PLEASE …  put out some water for the critters…    rabbits, squirrels, chip munks, birds , raccoons, possums they will all thank you.


2 Responses to “NBC reporting Evansville has a burn ban in place.”

  1. We live by the lake and the blinking squirrels, even though we have an excellent bird bath from which they can drink, took it upon themselves to eat about a hundred (all but four) of my apples off my Honey crisp tree. Very sad. Feel like squirrel stew for supper…

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Please Melissa no squirrel stew.! They are just babies and hot like the rest of us!! I will buy you some apples!

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