This heat and no rain is for the birds.. and they do not like it.

THIS heat is just crazy.   It would not seem so bad if we had rain any time recently.    I have put out a nice big bowl of ice-cold water for the outside critters.    At least it was ice-cold when I put it out .   But seriously people need to look at for the critters.    Raccoons, squirrels, birds, possums, chip munks, rabbits,   they need water and are having a hard time finding it.   Help them out put out some water.

KEEP your animals inside!!!  Even your out-door dogs and cats,  it is just way to hot.. for even farm dogs and cats to be out in this heat.  At least keep a fan running for them in your out buildings if you are not going to bring them inside.    Any thing less is cruel..

If any one knows of a proven rain dance.   Get going..


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