Jerry Roth set to take the helm at E.C.S.D. .. — School Scoop

SO GLAD Heidi Carvin  is done and gone.   She was absolutely horrible.

But man oh man does JerryRoth have his work cut out for him.   Heidi has let administration do what ever it has pleased for years,  hell she did what ever she pleased.   She thought she took direction from no one, even though she collected  a check courtesy of the Evansville tax payer.

Administration for years has disrespected the board because they were after the lead of their leader , Heidi.

NO ONE in administration in this district has thought they had to answer to anyone.    LOOK at the poor test scores,  LOOK at declining enrollment, Look at the bullying issues.

This school district is so far off track and nothing like what it used to be.   It’s embarrassing.

I know that several of the school board members are putting a lot of faith and hope into Jerry Roth, but what a huge mountain he is going to have to climb.   It will not be easy.

Good luck to him.

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