Evansville Ecumenical Care Closet marks 10 years


Just a super nice group of hard-working ladies who handle the day-to-day operations.   They have worked hard to make this successful and to serve Evansville and they have done a super job!!!

Mrs.McElroy is just a super sweet lady and has done an out standing job, she is very organized.  I had the pleasure of volunteering there last summer and it was FUN!!!!


Stop in some time and you might be surprised what neat thing you may find!!!!

Congratulations to all who made this happen.


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  1. jkdales Says:

    I got some beautiful lamps there several months ago. I had been looking for a while and not liking the style or the price of what I was finding in the stores. I was very excited to find these lamps , perfect for the room I needed them for.

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