Looks like Miami may be able to buy them selves a championship.

I can not stand the Miami Heat.     I am sad Dwyane Wade plays for Miami.   I like Dwyane Wade.      I can not stand Lebron James.

He is so full of himself.    He tends to be a sore loser.   I remember his comments after he lost in the finals the last time in the finals.   He probably should hire someone to filter his comments.

The biggest issue is Miami went out and did their best to buy them selves a championship.   Loading their team with stars.   Skip any real hard work and buy a championship.

I had hoped the Thunder would have some lightning strike the Miami heat but it’s really not going that way the Heat are up  3-1.     I am hoping the Thunder pulls off a miracle and wins it but last nights’ game was such a dog fight I think all are really tired.

So if Miami wins they will have accomplished their goal of buying a championship.



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