Evansville School Board does not approve budget. Thank You.


Please read Melissa’s article in this week’s Evansville Review.     I am surprised at how many ” hits ‘   the article I posted yesterday has gotten.    I think it goes to show people in Evansville (and other areas)are paying attention to what the school board and district are doing.

I congratulate the board for not approving this budget because it is so very fragile they need to watch every dime that is coming in and out.   They need to have final say for each and every thing the administration wants to do.      There is no wiggle room .   They have worked very hard to get to this point.

So thank you Evansville School board for being very vigilant about keeping the budget in check.


Go get the this week’s Review very informative article’s by Melissa.


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  1. jkdales Says:

    Thank you to the Evansville School board for staying on top of this budget. It is about time some one took this seriously. Administration should be a shamed of them selves.

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