Please READ Melissa’s Hammann’s article’s in The Review.. Should Johnny turn in his home work?

I had waited for this week’s paper to come out.   Keep in mind that the Review is not always some thing I buy, but I will buy it to read Melissa’s reports.

I have stated on here before and I will state again, she is the one to be reporting on the school and school board issues.  She understands the numbers and the in’s and out’s better than anyone else in town, not including current board members.( O.K. maybe she even understands it better than a couple of them.)

I am beginning to think she understands the budgets better than the administrators.

I would like to know WHY THE ADMINISTRATION is allowed to disrespect the school board members like they have and continue to do.

IF you follow Melissa’s reports , or have sat in on a meeting, or are familiar with administration , MOST people who hold a job and have dead lines to meet or get canned.   MOST of  us wonder why the school board has to ask NUMEROUS times for reports or SURVEYS about why people are leaving the district.

The board has asked many times for different reports from administration..  and NEVER gotten them.

HOW is it administration continues to  be allowed to not turn in what is really their assignment by the board?     SHOULD our students not turn in home work if they do not feel it is necessary?

The attitude shown by our administrators towards the school board is just plain DISRESPECTFUL.

Should our children treat teacher’s and administrators the way the administrators have treated members of the board?     IF kids treated them like they treated the board there would be a flood of detentions for disrespect.

WHY IS administration so afraid to talk about the budget of extra curricular and really if Scott Everson does not have any thing more intelligent to say than ” equal is not necessarily fair.” he should probably just sit there and be quite.

So the board is not allowed to ask simple questions with out a dodge and duck answer&  attitude from the administration.

READ Melissa’s article’s in this week’s REVIEW.       I will tell you the article on the budget is very informative. ..  nothing beats being there but Melissa’s article makes one feel as though they are, very informative.

Please also read the 2nd article on Co and extra curricular activities and contracts.


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  1. Thanks so much for the plug, Chasin’! Thanks also for yet again taking one for the team.

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