Can Parents Take Over Schools? Will walker help.

IT is an interesting idea.   IF  a school is lousy , and has been given time and failed to make improvements.   Why should the teacher’s and principals be allowed to stay.  Stay and continue to collect a paycheck with benefits.

IF I am reading this correctly they still have to go through the school board.  But keep in mind school board members can be recalled.

However.      This does seem extreme.   But more and more states, California being the first are passing a law that allows this.

Tax paying parents have the right to demand a quality education from their schools.

CAN you not see walker passing such a law?     I so can.

It’s the right idea.   But seriously would need careful planning.   It could not be done a whim.

It puts the pressure on schools to get serious about improving.    To many schools take the attitude of  ” we will do what we do.”

It really could work as another tool in reforming and changing, and challenging our schools.    Evansville included.


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