Crash shuts down Hwy. 19 Sunday

I am going to now go on my yearly motorcycle rant.   Please do keep in mind my brother and sister-in-law ride beautiful B.M.W. bikes.   But they ride respectfully, and responsibly.

THEY do not ride side by side,  they do not weave in and out of traffic,  they do not pass in NO passing zones,  they do not gun their engines to see how loud they can be, they do not put ” pipes” on their bikes because they think people will ‘hear’ them.    They also always wear protective gear, helmets and other clothing.

NO one goes out of their way to hit a motorcyclist .

I have witnessed to many motorcyclist do illegal things on the road to have much patience for them at all.   There are to many that seem to think they “own’ the road.  That people should make way for them.

Then there are the fools who wear no protective gear , no helmet , nothing.      Those who do not wear helmets clear do not believe they have any thing in their head that’s worth saving.  While the tax payers pay to shovel what is left of them off the high way.

This particular accident is tragic and our thoughts are with both the driver of the car and the family of those on the motorcycle.       Just a very sad accident.


Drive careful .  Be safe.


2 Responses to “Crash shuts down Hwy. 19 Sunday”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every time one of them passes me riding like an idiot I expect to see them again down the road being picked up by EMS. As far as loud pipes go… It prevents the rider from hearing the warning horns and everything else around them. My hearing is bad enough without the pipes. Good post. Thanks… Hopefully some of you readers will take your advise. I ride and I know motorcycles are dangerous and wrote about that in my blog.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    I appreciate your comment. It’s sad that so many ruin it for those who ride respectfully . But those who ride side by side , have the ‘pipes.’ , are loud and obnoxious, swerve in and out of traffic, pass in no passing zones. The number who do those things is just ridiculous.l The other issue of the ‘pipes.’ in the summer and with this heat most people have windows up and air and radio on in the car they are not going to hear those ‘ pipes.’ regardless.

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