The only good part? No more commercials.

I am truly surprised by the margin walker won by.  I thought it would be closer especially with the high turn out.

I think people need to realize that there is a strong anti-union sentiment in Wisconsin.  There probably always has been.  But no one ever challenged the Unions before.

Many people have thought for years teacher’s have taken advantage of the collective bargaining , and bent school districts/school boards over for to many years.   I know  I read on  channel 3000 someone say their teacher’s contracts in their district were 150 pages long, chucked full of perks, wants and demands on top of their salaries and benefits.   IF that were to be true that is out outrageous and not O.K.

There are far to many schools/districts not showing academic success , yet we retain the same teacher’s and administrators and they keep collecting pay checks and benefits.   There is a need for change there.  There is definitely room for improvement in the Evansville School District.

I have no doubt there will be some sort of merit pay program in the Evansville School District within the next five years.   They will not have a choice.  It will be tied to money through the government and the district is and will be continue to be desperate for money.

HOWEVER walker went about it all wrong.   He never tried to work with the Unions he just went for the power grab.   There is a right and wrong way to make change and it is all about power with him.

THE good news is I firmly believe that even though he may have not been recalled, he is the JOHN DOE, in the JOHN DOE investigation.   Firmly believe he will be indicted.

The sad part is as well walker out spent Barrett 8:1.    That just is not right.   Money bought this election.

I feel bad for anyone who has to go to work today and work with walker’s cronies.


Very proud of everyone who tried to bring morality and ethics back to Wisconsin’s government.   GET ready for November!!


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