Donald and Peta Dancing With The Stars CHAMPS!!!!!!!

We had told our selves that  Donald and Peta getting to the finals was good enough.. WE were very proud regardless of what place he came in.  BUT when it came time to announce who won I felt sick,  I was so nervous.   I was  glad when William Levy was out.  It came down to who many had said it would for weeks.  Donald and Katherine.     When they announced Donald and Peta had won we were all on our feet cheering!!!!!   So excited!!!!    We loved Donald’s response to winning.   He and Peta deserved it,  worked very hard.   His FreeStyle and Trio Dance I think were my favorite.      I am so happy he won!!!   He was under scored all season and Katherine was over scored most of the season.!!!!!   Donald is such a class act..  Very excited for him.

Congratulations Donald And Peta!!!!


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