Race To The Top 2012 Invites School Districts To Compete

Evansville could never do this.

There is just no will or want to change any thing.  Sad because there is much that needs changing/improving.  Even with the declining enrollment administration and teacher’s see no reason for change.

I read the perfect quote today.  ” Teacher’s get too much of the blame and too much credit.”     It’s perfect because teacher’s are NOT the only one’s who should be teaching the kids , Parents have to play a big role in their child’s education

.  BUT in Evansville if you show too much interest in your child’s education the teacher’s and administration blow you off, can be quite rude.   They say they want parent involvement but for some of them , their actions say different.

Teacher’s are also the first to jump and try to take credit when positive things happen,  like good test scores.    BUT really it’s the parents that should be receiving as much of the credit as the teacher’s are trying to take.   It’s funny how they try to work that.   Blame the parents when things go wrong,  take the credit when things go right.


Evansville has some very good teacher’s.   But it also has some that are not.



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