Wisconsin school in trouble for ” Quite room.” a.k. a. lock down, seclusion.


Evansville parents beware ,   T.R.I.S. USED  to have one of these rooms.  My friend took pictures.

This superintendent knows they are wrong for having this room, the very fact he did not want anyone outside of the school to see it.   The fact staff would not let the mother take pictures . They know there is a problem with what they are doing.    Teacher’s and staff at schools are seriously lacking training dealing with kids with disability’s.  They do what is easiest , not what is right.


It is amazing how some kids are treated in our schools, Evansville included.   Parents really have to be on top of things, and when your kids tell you the school/teacher did something.  Listen.  The school will lie to cover their butts.  My friend has documentation( including pictures)of just how much they lie and mislead about what they were doing to her son.


There are new laws coming this fall thank goodness.





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