Donald Driver in the finals!!!

I was so nervous last night waiting to hear if he would be in the finals.  IT was wrong that Katherine Jenkins got the scores she did when she SCREWED up her last dance on Monday night.

She still got 9’s????    Len loves her.    Donald can not seem to get the love from Len.    But regardless Donald is in the finals… Win or lose in the finals he has done a out standing  job!!!



I have never before now watched any type of reality t.v., if you can call this reality t.v…   even with D.W.T.S.  I do not watch the entire thing  just bits and pieces.  But always when Donald is dancing.    I have to say its been fun to watch him,  I just hope we get to watch him with the Packer’s again this year.   I am getting very nervous about his future with Packer’s.  Can the Packer fan’s vote him back on the team for another year????

Very Proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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