Poll:: What do you think is causing the Evansville school districts declining enrollment?

The Evansville School district’s enrollment has declined each year over the last several years.   Why do you think that is?    What should the school board do about it, what are they doing about it. People are leaving for a reason what is it?    IF it was not for open enrollment the district would be losing over sixty kids a year, but we gain some through open enrollment.  But what about all these kids who are school age and live in town who DO NOT go to school here.  They are not figured into the schools numbers.   I am surprised at how many people live here, and do not send their kids to school here.   IT has to stop.  Improvements need to be made at the schools to keep students and gain some new ones.  OUR taxes have gone up every year for the last several years because of the school and more than likely will again next year.   WE as tax payers can not afford this and we need a school board who gets aggressive about addressing this issue.


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  1. 1st. I would like to know how much money is spent every year on sending staff to “conferences.” I question any conference that is held at a water park. Besides that to often I find a teacher is gone or administrator is gone out of the district to a meeting or conference. They are gone often. I would like to see the numbers spent on this.

    2nd. Get rid of an administrator at the high school, and the T.R.I.S./Levi Leonard. .Our schools are just not that big.

    3rd. If there are not more AP-Gifted talented classes by the time my daughter is in high school (2yrs) I will drive her to Madison everyday to go to high school.

    Points 1&2 if less spending was done in these areas there would be more money for curriculum and AP-GT classes. Students first , not jobs for the buddies of school administrator and school board members.

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