The cost of teacher unions- Written by Wisconsin Teacher.

Interesting article.   Evansville did lay teacher’s off.  Evansville did re-open contracts. Concessions have been made  on both sides.

I will come out and is  Evansville was over staffed.  They had been keeping teacher’s on the books for a while, that the numbers for their class , well they were just not pulling their weight.

Paying teacher’s full time wages , when they really only taught part time is/was ridiculous.

These were lay-offs that should have happened regardless of the budget.   These are positions that can not brought back unless enrollment numbers support it.  That will be a while, if never.

We need to stop employing teacher’s because they are friends and neighbors of administration/school board.

Congrats to this teacher for being honest  enough to admit, it was time for change.


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