Janesville Parker High School ranked in magazine’s list of top schools

Must be nice to have a school that can carry out some thing.  It starts with attitude.  It starts with teacher’s who are not whining .  It starts with teacher’s who focus on the positive from the start.   It starts with teacher’s who know how to engage their students.   Please also keep in mind that Janesville has a higher percentage of  POVERTY /LOW INCOME/SPECIAL NEEDS students , which Evansville teacher’s like to place blame on.  They have a higher percentage of poverty/low-income/special needs yet they excel any way.  Because they do not make excuses.

There is no reason Evansville teacher’s can not do the same,  if they would quit making excuses.

KEEP in mind that Evansville loses close to 65-75 students a year through open enrollment.  THANKS to open enrollment it comes down to actually only losing about half of that.   I am a firm believer in Open enrollment and this is why.   No family should be stuck in a district that can not produce.

THESE numbers do not include all the kids who live in town, who are school age, and DO NOT go to school in Evansville.  There are quite a few.

I am running the poll on why Evansville’s enrollment has continued to decline year after year and I will continue to run it for a few more weeks.   So far it’s tied with people having issues with administration and not enough AP/ G.T. classes.    There has not been ONE person marking no 4k .

Evansville schools need to turn it around and have not idea how to,  but then again it starts with attitude .

Evansville school district can not even pass the W.K.C.E. , why would be send their kids to a school that can not produce good test results.  It says a lot about the teacher’s and district as a whole.  They need to start stepping up much like they expect their students do.



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