REWIND : What Does G.P.A. Mean To You? Why was the bar set so low.

Grade Point Average .. right?

I think it is absolutely outrageous that to play sports or be in extra curricular activities all you have to do is have a D average..

1.5 g.p.a. at Evansville High School and you are in.

What does that say about the importance of education to the Evansville School district??

” well jimbob if you can play ball, and get at least a D average  all is good.’

Come on.     Now I know most of the kids get well above that.

But why set the bar so low?

I think if they want to play ball or be in a extra curricular activity they need to show some effort and have at least a C average.

Activities of any kind should not be more important than education but you would never know it by the school’s policy on academics and extra curricular activities.

***  NOT all school board members voted to approve that policy.   If you want to dispute policy with the board lets make it a worthy one.


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