Thirteen years

It’s hard to believe it’s  thirteen years today  that my dad has been gone. So much has happened in these thirteen years yet it feels so much like yesterday. I find mind self talking to him a lot, and often laughing thinking I know what he would say . I am sad for the things he has missed. Watching the grand kids grow up, high school graduations, weddings, first great grand child. I know he knows and he is watching but it is not the same. I am sad for the grand kids who never met him. . I am sad they never got to hear his stories, he was quite the story teller. I am sad for the things he never got to do, he never actually retired, because he always thought he would have time for that later. I miss him. I think of him every day at some point. I know for a fact he would be proud of the way Mom, Ben, Sherry, Karen and Dave and we have handled things , since he has been gone. I know he is taking care of Riley Whitehead . I miss him, we miss him..

Grieving is as natural as
Crying when you are hurt,
Sleeping when you are tired,
Eating when you are hungry, or
Sneezing when your nose itches.
It is nature’s way of healing
A broken heart.


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