Six year old arrested for throwing tantrum at school… brings back memories from right here in Evansville.

LOTS and lots of comments on the internet stories about this.    But this same thing happened right here in Evansville years ago.

They young boy I think was more like 7 or 8,   he was still at the Levi Leonard school.   The police were called on him because he left the school building during school hours.  He had stepped out of the building but then came right back in.  BUT the special ed teacher took it upon her self to call the police attempting to state he was out of control.  KEEP in mind he was 7 or 8 and there was a school full of adults.

But even in the reports from this its states he did not become  upset or throwing a fit, until AFTER the police said they were going to take him from school.  HE was calm the entire time until they attempted to remove him from school.   That is in the report the parents got from the school.

The Evansville Police took him to the department, but had no idea what to do with him.  They had even hand cuffed him.  But had no idea what to do with him.  They had thought Rock County juvenile detention would take him, .. but as his parents were told  ” WE do not take kids that young.”

So he was picked up by his parents from the Evansville Police Dept.   I think Evansville Police were glad to see the parents because they really had no idea what to do.  They did however offer him some thing to eat when he was there.

The parents asked for and eventually got the police reports from Evansville Police Dept, even though it took a while.   I do think they were afraid of what plans these parents had.

HOW do I remember this so well?    I baby sat at the time for the family of the boy who was arrested and taken from school in handcuffs.  He is a sophomore in high school now doing very, very well.       He had struggled at the Evansville Schools,  his family got the hell out of the Evansville district and their son, it has been night and day in terms of the academic success he has had.   IN Evansville schools he made very little progress,  in Middleton Cross Plains he has excelled.

IT”S just a different attitude there all together.   There are also more classes to choose from.   There are more programs for those who are college bound.

His parents still have all his records from his time at the Evansville School district,  and they also still have the police reports.

We are good friends with this family and it makes me proud to think how well not just this boy, but there other two kids have done since leaving Evansville School District.

Teacher’s attitude’s definitely make a difference.

His parents did get an apology from Lou Havlik,  as she was not at the school at the time the police were called and informed the parents that the teacher who called had ” no business calling for the situation that it was,  and had no authority to call.”   There is a chain of command at the schools and this teacher did not follow it.

Evansville schools have a lot to learn,  a lot of improvements they could make.

The attitude of some of the staff at the schools is part of the reason for declining enrollment.  Look no further than your administration.

Evansville schools for a long time have abused the Evansville police dept.  This is just an example of it.


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