Open Letter to Superintendent Schulte in Janesville . Written by Melissa Hammann


I happen to love the idea of open enrollment.  Parents, Students,  guardians should always have options.   No family should have to pick up and move because they are not getting what they need from their district.     I  know I have watched ads from the Monroe school district, the Madison school district,  where they are advertising what they have to offer in hopes of snagging kids from other districts.     Their campaign’s do work.

The school’s it really hurts are the small one’s like Albany, Evansville,  Orfordville who just can not afford to launch those type of campaigns.    Even Brodhead has a campaign going on now to try to snag students from other districts.

Melissa has some very good points in her letter.   She see’s the entire picture and understands it better than most of us.


It’s nice to have options but everyone on both sides parent/schools need to be careful in the choices they make.


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