Update::george zimmerman is charged with second degree murder.

Thank goodness.  This should have happened weeks ago.

This is what we wanted to see since attention was brought to this case.

I am surprised by the charge.   I have always felt he should be charged but I thought it would be manslaughter.

Many are speculating this will be a hard charge to make stick.    I have to think this prosecutor has more than anyone thinks she has.

It was reported numerous times Trayvon was found face down with his hands under him.   It raises the question was he shot in the back?   If he was shot in the back  , its over for george zimmerman.   No one will accept the ‘stand your ground.’   or self defense claim.

But they also interviewed many, many people.   The second degree murder charge makes me think they have some thing big  against him.

I am just glad they charged him.   Now we all must wait , and accept what ever decision the jury or judge makes regarding this case.



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