Zimmerman lawyers quit..

Because george zimmerman is an idiot.     HE set up that donation site, and supposedly his lawyers helped him do it because he they wanted to get paid..  Smart people would never donate to this guy.

According to talk radio,   this zimmerman guy went and set up a second site on his own trying to MAKE money for just him self.

Zimmerman is calling the special prosecutor him self?    Is he out of his mind?

zimmerman has also been calling the fake news stations, such as fox news.   Desperate is he?

The guy has no ethics  or morals.  IF you want to give to some one give to the Martin family who truly have lost some thing.

The nerve of zimmerman trying to claim he ‘lost’ every thing.. Oh boo hoo!!!!

In jail he won’t need money any way.

Some one made the comment today that he is like O.J. Simpson he may get away with this ,  but in the end he will end up in prison because he is nothing more than a law breaking thug.  He will do some thing eventually to end up back in jail.   Just like O.J. Simpson.






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  1. zimmerman is a sick man. He thinks he is a hero. Really he is just a coward. I am glad the prosecutor has said she will give more information within 72 hours.

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