Melissa covers talking heads, the school board election, AYP, and W.K.C.E.


Any one who has a child in the Evansville school district should be concerned over the AYP, and W.K.C.E. results.    They are not very pretty but I will let Melissa explain this as she does a excellent job and knows how to break down the information.

She also covers the school board election.   We both have covered this to the degree we have because we have never had some one who was running for school board recently play so dirty.  Marshall Reese and his supporters lied, lied and attempted to smear the names and reputations of those he was running against.   Tina Rossmiller and Sharon Skinner.   Some one this weekend posted a outrageous lie in the Janesville Gazette about Sharon Skinner, the Gazette removed it.  Because it was a lie.   Marshall thought he could win on dirty tricks and lies, what kind of board member would he have been?   A nightmare that is the kind of school board member he would have been.    He did not even take the time to educate him self about the  issues.  He just wanted to win no matter what.

Melissa has some very good, fact filled, interesting stuff check it out.


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