Very happy with school board results. Congratulations to Tina and Sharon.

I normally am sound a sleep by 9 p.m. , if not earlier.   Keep in mind I am up at 4 a.m.     But there was no way I going to sleep last night until I was sure about the school board results!

I am very happy!!   I told more than one person I would be physically sick if Tina and Sharon did not keep their seats.    It would not have been right for Marshall Reese to win , when from almost day one he ran his campaign on half-truths or flat-out lies.   He allowed people to smear current board members on his face book page.

I had said maybe he take some time ,  and run again the next time.   But really after every thing that happened with him and how his campaign I would not want to see him run again, if he is going to run the same type of campaign..   Hopefully he has learned  some thing from all of this.

I know the Janesville Gazette got a email this weekend,  telling them about a post that a obvious Marshall supporter had posted.    The Gazette was asked to remove the comment and to their credit they did.   It was one big lie,  the person who posted this.    But this is how people supporting Marshall and Marshall himself thought were o.k.

I think he would have been a nightmare on the board,  very argumentative.    Thank fully we will not have to find out.

Congratulations to Tina and Sharon.   I know you will continue to serve the community well with your hard work and dedication.


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