Parkview says no way to referendum.

The voter’s in the Parkview district sent a very strong message yesterday.  I think the voting down of the referendum clearly showed no confidence in the current board as all incumbents were ousted .  But I think it also says the people of the Parkview district have no confidence in administration either.

When they first came out with the numbers I thought  maybe it had a shot,  because it was a lot less than the first time they tried this.    But after reading about the plans and reading how the money would be used.  I had serious doubts about this passing.

The truth of the matter is  the Parkview district is in a horrible mess.   But you can not just keep throwing money at it.

I would be curious to know if/how much their enrollment has been declining.    Orfordville is a very small town and 5 million is a lot of money.

I have read some who think the district will fail.   Maybe it’s time they start looking at consolidating .    I know an option of a charter school was also presented to them.

They do have a mess.


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