George Zimmerman belongs in prison.

He hunted down Trayvon Martin like one would hunt a deer.     Zimmerman’s claims’ of self-defense got blown out of the water with the release of the recordings this week.  This young man is heard begging for help..   IF he were attacking Zimmerman, as Zimmerman states  he would not be begging for help.

Zimmerman has a history of abusive behavior.   He has a history of calling in claims of suspicious black people.   He is racist and killed this young man.

The  Sanford police dept seriously are either lacking in common sense or are racist themselves.   One best not be black in this county.

You better believe if it had been Zimmerman killed by Trayvon and he pleaded self defense , Trayvon would be behind bars now.


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  1. the Florida law is called ‘ stand your ground.’ not run down and kill. I hope they fry Zimmerman.

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