Check out Melissa’s questions to those running for school board. In this week’s Review.

Melissa has come up with some very good questions for those running for school board.   I have followed the questions and answers over the last couple of week’s.

First in this week’s paper ( which you have to read the paper the know what the question is.)  Tina just gave an out standing answer.  She clearly knows her stuff , she is very informed.  She is very impressive.

Sharon also gave an informative  answer.

I am sorry but Marshall could have taken the answers he gave and applied them to any district in the area.   From his answer it was clear he does not know a lot about the district.  Being as he running for school board I would expect to find him at all school board meetings , to try to absorb as much information as he can.   Both the regular meetings and committee meetings.  I would have thought he would have.

The ideas Marshall through out there , have all been talked about by past and current boards.  What  he is suggesting is  nothing new.  He would know that if he followed the Evansville school district at all.  it is clear he has not.    I know more than he does about the issues, about our schools.

If he was serious about being on the school board he should have started months ago going to board meetings.   So he could be more informed.

ANY one who follows this blog knows I am always excited when new people run for office  be it either on the school board or city council.  But  very quickly I lost my enthusiasm for Marshall.

The FaceBook page he started very quickly became a disaster, and he allowed it to.   People were making accusations on there and he allowed it.    He could have deleted things and for week’s he did not.   He has recently , but only after certain people got on his case.   He ran his Face Book page like a high schooler with all the drama on there.   He should be ashamed of him self.

He has always used the custom setting for his Facebook page  .. why?    Why would he do that other than to block certain people from seeing certain things. He tried saying it was to prevent cussing on the page.  What?    I have the custom setting on my Facebook page and you can not block cussing, you can block people.

Why would some one running for public office block certain posts from certain people.  That is just odd.

IF he could create this much drama and promote fighting between people on face book can you imagine what he would do to the current board?

We do not need that.

Get the Review check out this week’s question.

**** It’s important to give credit where credit is do, and it is Melissa who created the questions for those running for school board.

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