WATCH: GOP Lawmaker Claims Ultrasound Bill Cost Him Sex With Wife



MEN have no place in discussions of a Woman’s reproductive rights.. NO place at all.   It’s absolutely ludicrous they are even having these discussions.  It is not their body.  They have no say.   Vote them out of office.     The same thing with those having issues with Obama’s plan for coverage on contraceptives.  HE is not telling anyone they have to take them.   He is not pushing his religious views on anyone.   It’s not about religion.   It’s about a woman’s right to have birth control no matter where they work.  They do not have to use it , but they can if they want. It’s their choice.    As it should be.


I am sure this man’s wife is going to be even less thrilled with him discussing their sex life with what has turned out to be the nation.


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  1. What would happen if there was a proposed new law that all males had to be neutered by the time they are 25.. This bill would of course be drafted by a majority of woman who feel they should have the right to dictate male health procedures as these men seem to think they should have the right to do to women. I hope this guy wife holds out for a long time.

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