Jerry Roth NEW Evansville School District Superintendent.

Many of us will remember him as principal of J.C.McKenna.  He brought good , positive things to J.C. Mckenna and I am sure that will continue as he over see’s the district.

The board did a very good job with this pick!!!!


4 Responses to “Jerry Roth NEW Evansville School District Superintendent.”

  1. Excellent choice. He was great at the Junior High and he is invested in our school as well he has kids still in school.

  2. Very happy with this choice. Job well done!

  3. Please read my article about this in the 2-29 edition of the Review. I spoke to the consulting firm and the headline the Gazette used was misleading and premature. Also, they named names of people who requested anonymity until they reached round two.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    I am not at all surprised that once again the Janesville Gazette does not have it quite right. I do not know why any one bothers with that paper. They are not worried about the accuracy of their stories just the money they bring in. It’s hard to believe any of them have a degree in journalism or ethics. I picked up this week’s paper so I will get the correct news. Thanks again.

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