Have you thought about the up coming spring elections? I have.

I am very happy with who our alder persons    for the 4th district.   It’s a fresh change.  A good change.

The school board elections,   Tina, Sharon and Marshall  three running for two seats.    I will be weighing in more on this election closer to election time.  I have definite thoughts about this one.

Remember to vote this spring and remember to bring your ID.  ( gosh darn it.)


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  1. I have no complaints about the current board. I would not want to be in their shoes. They have a lot of hard choices to make and none will be easy. The board did not get into this deficit because of foolish spending, if any thing they have been very conservative.

  2. I am curious regarding Marshall Reese. Does his sister come with him if he gets on the board? If so I vote no for Marshall Reese she is a blinking nut job. She clearly does not understand the issues and would follow her brother blindly. I am also not impressed with how he went off about the Review and Melissa. I know you are not a fan of the Review but I remember Melissa from the school board and she was never any thing but honest. It seemed kind of immature. He should have shut that thing down weeks ago, its costing him votes as is his sister.

    • evilbludev Says:

      I know marshalls sister and brother. They are a bit older. His brother is cool. Has a taxidermy busines in town. Marshall doesn’t get along well with his sister and recently took in herkid. Nice of him but I odn’t know marshall really. He’s younger than me. Like what he is sayin in the paper. Some different ideas. New blood maybe good. Sharon never been elected and has health issues. Nice lady tho. I dunno tina.

      • Both Sharon and Tina are very nice people. They both have done a very nice job.

        People need to remember the current board is not to blame for the deficit, like many other schools and municipality they had their funding cut and are trying to figure it all out. Walker did a huge disservice to the public schools.

        I do not know if Marshall can separate the teacher in him for school board member by some of the comments he has made. We really do not need another teacher on the board. If he and his sister really do not get along she sure is going over board to get into his good graces. She clearly thinks she is smarter than most, but she just spouts off does not know any of the facts. Some one needs to tell her SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

        I wish he had used his FB page for more good instead of evil. I quit following it because I think there was only one person on there who knew what

        they were talking about and it was not Marshall. It was a anonymous poster

        who was really informative.

        I also do not think we should be talking about the situation with his niece it’s not our concern.

      • chasinthenews Says:

        I have concerns about making any changes to the board at this time. The current board has done a good job and has not done any thing outrageous. They have been very cautious in the choices they have made. I am concerned about Marshall because he never went to the budget meeting, that is strongly suggested for all new comers or potential school board members that is very concerning. It suggests he thinks he knows enough. The school budget process is not some thing you can just step into. As a teacher I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to learn some thing new/more. Sharon may have been sick but it has not had a effect of the work she does on the school board she has worked hard to make sure that did not happen. I would hate for some one to count me out just because of health issues. She has done a good job. Tina is very smart and has done a good job she is very knowledgeable about the budget. I just think with the budget in the crisis it is we need to stick with people who understand the budget and know what they are doing. It is not a easy process to learn the budget doings of the district.

        IF Marshall took in his niece that is very nice of him. It’s good this young lady has one responsible person is her life. His sister really needs to stay off his F.B. page she has done damage. She comes off as very immature.

        The one thing Marshall can not do is bring money to the school if elected and that is what they need the most. Every thing they are looking at takes money and as most know there is a very real shortage of that.

  3. chasinthenews Says:

    I am happy to post people’s comments. But please take care with the language. As the above poster can tell you I sent this back to her and asked her to change the language she used.

  4. chasinthenews Says:

    JKDales, I posted the commented where the niece was mentioned because it was not all about the niece and it was not a bad comment. Trying to show the good Marshall is trying to do. I do not want to just post things that support my position. But you are correct it’s best people stick with the issues of the election and not talk of a minor.

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