The flags Never should have been lowered for Whitney Houston.


Gov. Christie sure got that one wrong.   This woman did not deserve to have the flags lowered for her.    She was not a war hero,   or a President.  She was a druggie.  She was someone who used and abused drugs and died because of it.   Plain and Simple.    She did not deserve any glory, or praise.    Her family should have buried her quietly and with out the hoopla.   She embarrassed her family and her self in the end.    I have no pity for her.     She had the world at her feet and flushed it down the toilet or up her nose.   What a waste.

We need to stop glorifying these ‘stars’ when they die from their own dumb mistakes.

Gov. Christie is a embarrassment for lowering the flags.    What a disgrace.


2 Responses to “The flags Never should have been lowered for Whitney Houston.”

  1. Surprised at your response to this.

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    The passing of Whitney Houston is sad. I feel for her daughter. But as with Michael Jackson she did this to her self. She was a druggie. She had fame, money, and huge talent and she wasted it makes me angry that she wasted it on drugs. The flag never should have been lowered she was not deserving of that.

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