Parent, student groups criticize charter schools’ student fines

This is wrong.  Very wrong.  These are some of the poorest families in the city and they fine them?  I do not think schools are supposed to make money/profit from the under privileged.    I would not be surprised to see this end up in court.   You can not force respect down people’s throats either you are gong to get it or you are not.   They get fined for not making eye contact with teacher’s?  Really?    Maybe these teacher’s are scary looking?    May be if these teacher’s gave as much respect as they demand respect to them would come more freely to them.  Respect is a two  way street.   Respect does not just come because of one’s position .   It comes from how you treat others.

” It’s nice to be important , it’s more important to be nice.”     Cassis, John

One Response to “Parent, student groups criticize charter schools’ student fines”

  1. Like with Walker there is a right and wrong way. I like the idea behind these fines but these families and kids are some of the poorest. The teachers or school will not get respect from fining anyone. Maybe the teacher’s and administrators need to go back to school and learn how to work with these kids.

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