HOLD UP…. I changed my mind on thanking the teacher’s.

AFTER reading Melissa’s article in the paper this week.   It really is not all about Melissa’s article.  But she really wrote an excellent article and really sheds some light on the concessions that were made, and just what they really mean.!!!   Excellent article.

FIRST,  I have said this before and I will say it again.. TEACHER”S  have had it damn good for years and years.  They cry and whine about their wages.  But we have a friend who graduated from the U.W. with a degree in social work that started out making less than 35,000.   She does not get a automatic raise every year, and pays for her health insurance.   Who does she work with?  KIDS!!!   KIDS some that no one wants,  SOME that have been so abused she can not get them to talk.  She see’s very sad things.

SO back to our teacher’s .   They have had it very good for years.  Some could say it’s because of them and the Union the school is in the spot it is.  Keep in mind they did get new contracts last year where they started paying more for their benefits.   BUT guess what after this last round of re-do’s  they are actually paying more in line what our family has paid for years.   OUR health insurance goes up every year.  ( We are grateful we have it.)   My husband has not gotten a raise in over 5 years, yet he has more responsibility’s at work than he did five years ago.  He is glad to have a job.

He is required to take classes, which he pays for.  To often you hear teacher’s whining about how they have to take classes to stay up to date .  Many professions people have to take continuing education classes and pay for them .   BUT teacher’s get some very nice tax breaks.     My husband gets none for any thing work related.

RAISES who the hell just gets an automatic raise just because???  What is in their employee review that they get raises across the board????   YOU know what is not in their employee review .   The requirement of  each teacher’s students showing improving test scores.    THAT has to become a must. IF the teacher’s can not show results .. they should not get a raise.  Simple.  Evansville’s test scores over the last couple of years.  Suck.    There is no other way to put it.

THE simple fact is the schools in our district our going to have to improve ,  or  the  government can step in and take over our schools.   I think there are some teacher’s out there that do not think that will ever happen.    It will if things do not improve.   W.K.C.E.  may be going away but some thing different and harder is taking it’s place.   Evansville could be very screwed if this new proposal goes through, which from what I have read it will.

HOWEVER some thing distressing about this new proposal I read that once again private and charter schools will not be included ,  they will not have to test like public schools.  THAT is wrong.

As I have talked with people the last couple months I have found a good majority of people are happy the Unions are kind of useless and many agree teacher’s have had it good for years.   I stated in a previous article even if Walker is recalled it does not mean collective bargaining is coming back.   The state is saving  a lot of money.    There is no denying that.     As for Kathleen Falk running for governor ,  they better hope some big name person steps forward to run because I do not believe for one minute she can beat wonker.

The most positive thing I see about him being recalled , is we would no longer have a pin headed , crook for a governor.

SO before giving too much thanks to the teacher’s think about all they have had for years.   It’s nice to think they are now paying like the rest of us.

Please also remember it was a compromise between all.. it’s not like the teacher’s gave it all.


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