We will walk in memory of Riley Whitehead.

It is so hard for me to believe it’s going to a year next month since my nephew took his own life.   Our hearts are just as broken and we are just as devastated as the day it happened.   It is so different to have some pass away from suicide than other causes.   Riley chose this.   We will never know why.   There were no signs.  He was normally a very upbeat person.    He was very social.  He loved the theatre , band , chorus.  He was very talented.  He was very smart, U.W. Student who got A’s.    He had many, many friends who loved him dearly.    I think that is what we all struggle with so much, a family that loved him, friends who loved him  yet he told no one , he did not show the  pain he was in.  He was a very good actor.

I think we all feel we failed him.

I think it is so important to talk about it,  to get others to talk about suicide.  To get rid of the stigma that goes with suicide, mental illness.

We can not change what happened,  but we can bring change.  We will walk in Memory of Riley Whitehead on May 5th, 2012 in Madison.  In the HOPES annual walk.  We encourage any one who has lost some to suicide to walk this walk with us.   Evansville has had more than it’s share of deaths by suicide the last several years.

So many lost here in Evansville , so young, so much to give, and gone.

Walk with us ,  start your own team and walk,   but help bring awareness to this very sad , very real problem.

SAVE THE DATE: HOPES “Walk for Awareness” – Saturday, May 5th, 2012!

Theme for 14th Annual Walk for Awareness:
“Suicide Prevention Saving Lives”

Please plan to attend this year’s walk to be held once again at
OLIN-TURVILLE PARK, Madison, Wisconsin.

This year we have decided to begin Registration at 8:00 a.m. and the Walk will then proceed at 9:00 a.m.

Following the three-mile procession to and from Monona Terrace, we will return for bagels, fruit, coffee, milk, and water. The winners of all prizes will be announced during breakfast. We simply want the morning to focus on
spending time with those who share in our own, unique grief, and can talk openly with others to find comfort and support

Join us for this special morning event.



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