Why open enrollment is a great thing!

Wisconsin’s open enrollment is a great thing.  The dates are Feb 6th – April 30th, 2012.

The only thing wonker has done that I agree with , is extending the open enrollment date.

Wisconsin’s open enrollment is  great thing because no child or family should be held hostage by a district, school that does not produce results or for what ever reason work for them.  I know of several families who have left the district through open enrollment to go to bigger schools that offer more.

Middleton-Cross Plains is an excellent school district I  know of two families who drive their kids daily to school in that district and would not do it any other way.

I keep in close contact with the one family who has done nothing but praise that district.   There comments have been it being like  Night and Day , compared to Evansville in terms of teacher’s ,  classes,  including college prep.   The resources they now have available  are just out standing.    A big part of  is not just what this district offers but the attitude of staff and administration.

I know of others who have gone to a Madison public school.

I also know of some families who have gone to smaller schools.   WHY?     Albany really?     Nice people , but not going to give you the advantage of a bigger school with more opportunities.

Evansville’s enrollment has declined the last several years.    Even as they do get some requests for kids wanting to come in on open enrollment.

Why has Evansville enrollment declined over the last several years?

I think first you have to consider the economy.   There have been many families that have lost their homes/jobs  and moved out of the area.

Quality of education.   Lack of curriculum at the high school,  AP classes.  People want more/better for their kids.

Test Scores!!!    Yes many parents research and study the results schools produce.    It says some thing about the teacher’s and the schools.   Evansville has not done so hot the last several years on the W.K.C.E…  but even before that.    It’s just now we have some thing to show  just how well our schools are performing or not.

Administration.   Administration forgets just whose kids these are way to often.   There is a lot of politics in this small town and school of ours and some times some students become the victim of that.

NO student should be stuck in this district just because they live here, and no family should have to sell a home and move because of  a school that does not work.   Especially with so many working in Madison it’s not a big deal to drive their kids everyday.


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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    I will also add even the elementary and Junior Highs in Madison and Middleton Cross Plains offer so much more than we do. So it’s not all about what is available at the high school level.

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