Students Injured After Gretna Substitute Teacher Throws Fit

This guy is 39 years old and he has no more control than that?   HE does not belong teaching any where.  He should have been arrested.

But I think we all know how kids act when there is a substitute.   They think it’s a free day.

I was talking with my cousin last night and his son is 7 and his son’s class had a substitute for two days this last week.

When the teacher came back she rewarded these 7 year old’s with a pajama day today because they had been so good for the substitute.

I know some teacher’s when they know they are going to be gone will warn their class, you better behave or else.  If I get bad reports for the substitute there will be consequences.

Regardless of the behavior of the these THIRD GRADERS he was way out of line.

He could not handle THIRD GRADERS  can you imagine what JUNIOR HIGH kids would have done to him!!!!!


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