AZ bill would treat animal abusers like sex offenders. As they should be. Heart breaking stories on animal abuse cases.

IF the story below does not break your heart , you have none.   When they catch who did this they need to duct tape them, hands, feet , mouth , nose, throw them in the road.   Let them be run over a few times,  then roll them into the ditch and let them lay there and die.    Maybe also poke them a few hundred times with a big sharp object.    Kick them..      That poor baby must have been so scared..   I am so sick of seeing people dump animals.    But at least if this poor baby had been dumped he would have had half a chance of survival.    EVEN though I may think this I would never encourage anyone to treat any living thing like this dog was treated.  NORMAL people do not kill animals or people.   When they find out who did this they need to be locked under the prison for life.

Just like when people dump house cat’s out at farm’s thinking they are a cat, it’s a farm with mice they will be fine.   WRONG the majority of them die.   After being indoor cats, and some even dewclaw they have a very hard time surviving on farms.   Most of the time it’s a death sentence.

Deputies Look for Information After Puppy Found Bound & Deceased
Deputies seek information regarding animal cruelty case.

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