BREAKING NEWS:::Wisconsin Assembly to be put on terror watch list? –Assembly Approves Mine Permitting Bill

When I read this at part of comments on a forum, I laughed and laughed.

A reader of one of the Madison news media wants the Wisconsin Assembly put on a terror watch list.   It does seem like some of them should be for all the terror and damage they have done to Wisconsin.

So when walker flies   do you think he gets a nice pat down?   He would probably enjoy it.    Maybe they should do a  cavity search on him as well.   One can not be to careful when it comes to him.

It will not be long before their reign of terror will be over.   All we need is one of the republicans to be recalled, even if  walker is not , which he will be.  But even if her were not to be  all we need is one of the republicans to lose in the recall and it’s game over for scottie boy.   Some have suggested he would then resign because the days of him pushing through his devastating agenda would be over.

Terror watch list..  loved that comment.

This mining deal as written is going to be a nightmare for Wisconsin and the environment.  Leave it to the republicans to try to push this through.  Bunch of crooks working for big business.

This will end up costing the state millions if it’s allowed to go ahead.


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