Audio: Evansville Retail Market Analysis: 1/26/2012+..Evansville Observer has audio.


I do not see this changing much of any thing.    As long as people are working out-of-town , people will shop out-of-town.    It’s cheaper and more to choose from.

It’s that simple.     I disagree with the comment that made ” People do not know we are here.”    ” People who live here do not know we are here.”   Baloney.

They know you are here but your prices are to high, and you do not offer enough variety.     I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Woodmans and will continue to do so because it has great variety and is cheaper than the Piggly Wiggly.    How ever I will shop at the pig for the specials .  But that is it.

Pharmacy,   I use Walgreens.   I can go most any where and find a walgreens.

Hardware store,     I shop here in town.. I love our hardware store.    If they do not have it they will get it if at all possible.

Radio Shack… Love it.  Great prices,   Great customer service.

Big ticket items  I will shop around.. We just bought a new washer and dryer .  They guy here in town did not want to meet the price I got Sears..  It was 150.00 cheaper at Sears and that is where we got it from.   Sears also waived the delivery charge, here the appliance store here in town was going to charge me for delivery and they are in town.

Unfortunately I do not see a lot changing because some of these people on these committee’s really are not interested in change.  They like it the way it is  or there would have been change by now.

They have tried to make change for years and it has never happened.



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  1. chasinthenews Says:

    We are shopping for a new refrigerator. We pretty much have one picked out, once again 100 + cheaper at Best Buy, than here in town. I will not spend that much extra money just to say I shopped in town. We are going this weekend to buy this refrigerator. We were already told we would have to pay for delivery, but we would for the place here in town to deliver as well. It’s not so much that it’s costs more in town, it’s he had no desire to be competitive. So he will not get the business.

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