What if the New Governor says ” No way.”


There are a lot of people assuming Gov.Walker is going to recalled.  I can not stand the guy,  I never voted for him to begin with and never would.

There is going to have to be a strong candidate running against him, and so far I see none.     We really need Russ Feingold to run.   That would almost guarantee a successful recall.

If walker is recalled and there is a new Governor.    What happens if this new Governor says ” No Way we are not going back to collective bargaining..”    I read a article on line this week stating  how much the State is saving by ending collective bargaining.    What if the new Governor points out we can not afford to go back.

There are a lot of people out there who are assuming get rid of walker and collective bargaining will come back.

There is no guarantee of that.   I will vote against him not just because of the collective bargaining issue  but also because the man is a crook, a liar , and has a devastating agenda for Wisconsin.


But Green County schools are lowering their tax levy?    How?   Could it be walker’s plan is working for them?   I am interested in knowing how they are doing this.

Evansville’s tax levy   has gone up the last couple of years and more than likely will next year.   There are no easy fixes for the mess they are in.


Scott Walker is bad for Wisconsin.


Please Russ Feingold run for Governor , give us 4 years.    It would so be a slam dunk.



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  1. I feel sorry for anyone who actually watched that _______ last night. Really nothing better to do? I think both the smurfs and scooby doo was on boomerang last night either of those cartoon’s is more honest than the idiot walker. I can not wait to see him hand cuffed and walked out of the Capitol or Governor’s Mansion. He will be recalled. Recalled and run out of the State of Wisconsin. Really people watched that last night? They really have no life.

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