Brodhead utility seeks higher rates

This caught my attention because Evansville is also looking at raising their rates AGAIN.

The big difference is Brodhead is losing money.  From what I have been told Evansville water and light is profitable.  They make money.

I found out this information when I quizzing someone about the pinwheel the city bought.

Damn right they make money because they are billing the crap out of their residents.

Our utility bills are going to match our tax bills pretty soon and we all know we pay way to much tax for what little we get.

So if Evansville water and light makes a profit, why are they raising our rates?


Brodhead has not raised it rates since 2005.  Evansville just raised their rates in 2007 now again?

Evansville is looking to raise their rates 9.5%   ridiculous.


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