Melissa talks about testing kindergartners .

When I read about walker’s ideas I thought  oh boy this should  good.   How can he even talk about education and what’s best when he has none.  I am sorry but that is sticking point for me with him.

I strongly suggest you read Melissa’s post on this subject.

I strongly believe teacher’s and administrator have to be held accountable to some degree regardless of a child’s home life.  Because they have those students for 7 hours a day they damn well better show results.     Enough of the days of graduating students who can barely read or can hardly do basic math.

Evansville has graduated students that can barely read or do basic math…  This is completely on the school.  There is no excuse for graduating a student who reads at a 6th grade level and can’t pass basic math with out a lot of help.

I worked with a young man this winter who graduated from Evansville High school-2010,  in the end I ended up asking him to print on any and all paper work because his cursive was not legible.   Do they even teach cursive any more?

He was a great kid to work with but watching him struggle with some of the  things he did made me realize the school dropped the ball on getting this young man the basics.  The big plus?    He is a very hard worker.  Very polite kid.  He did what was asked and put 100% into every thing he did.  But clear to see where the school failed him.

I know of a family in town who took their kids to Madison for two years to a group who works with kids who are having trouble reading.  The service was free, it just required the parents time which they gladly gave.   The mom tells everyone ‘ Evansville schools did not teach my kids how to read.. ”  and she goes on to explain the frustrations with the school and who did teach her kids how to read.

They are now both college students.

Teachers and Administrators must be held accountable.    The teacher’s would like to say ‘ if  billy bob tried harder, applied himself.”   The same could be said for SOME teachers.   They are not all created equal.    Maybe if some teacher’s tried harder. We have some very good one’s and then some who  you wonder if they chose the right career.

We do not pay the taxes we do to have kids graduating who do not have the basic skills to do well in this world of ours.

Parents also MUST, MUST advocate for their children.  Do not think the school will do it.

Parents must be very involved, and for those teacher’s who give you a funny look because they think you are to involved , who try to blow your concerns off..  Give them a funny look back and go above them.  If you have a concern do not take no for answer pursue it until you know your child is getting the education they should, that they deserve, that we pay for.

In no way is education free.

But testing kindergartener’s ??  Really..   If we started counting from the time a child enters kindergarten until they graduate how many tests do you think they take and does it really improve their education?


I enjoyed Melissa’s post check it out.


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