How many of you have been to a school board meeting/city council meeting? Please send Questions for those running for school board to Melissa.

I have gone to several school board meetings over the years.  I have been to council meetings as well.   What I noticed is most people only go when there is some thing on the agenda that concerns them.    I have gone to school board meetings just because , and I have also gone when there was an item of interest to me on the agenda.    The city council meetings I have usually only attended when there was an item of interest on the agenda .

As I was reading some comments on Marshall Reese’s FB page I realized people tend to only pay attention to things that interest them not the complete picture.

I admit it school board meetings are not fascinating.   But at the same time you learn a lot about what is going on, more than what you can understand from minutes from the meeting.

Melissa on her blog has asked what questions do you have for the school board candidates?   If you have any I strongly suggest you get them to her.

One of the topics that was discussed on the FB page was the condition of the Junior High.   As much as I hate the idea of spending money on building a New Junior high EVENTUALLY.   I dislike the idea of dumping any more money than we have to into the current Junior High, because it’s a endless battle of repairs with that building.

How many of you are aware that from the Tech Ed room (by the office,) to the 6th grade lockers( opposite end of the school) it’s  a mile walk?   I was told this last year by staff as my son was in 6th grade and had to get to his locker to the Tech Ed room between bells and not be late.   How many adults can walk a mile in that short of time between bells?     I will say most do it, but out of all the classes that is the biggest hike for the 6th grade students last year.

My son has asthma and has quite a time with it during the school year,  my son’s doctor asked about the air quality at his school.  It is a very old building any thing is possible.   It was really not until this year while sitting in the gym I realized what people have been saying about the condition and safety of the gym.


I was told last year the school also does not meet codes.   I believe those codes are related to handicap access.

But the building of a New Junior High has been talked about for at least the last couple of years.  But seems to have surprised some.    Because I do not get to board meetings like I should I tend to read the minutes, follow Melissa in the paper or blog,  or I do occasionally go to a meeting.  But I tend to say on top of what is gong on at the school for the entire picture not just the parts that concern me.

There needs to be more people going to board meetings .  The last couple times I have gone, and it’s been a while.   It was school staff and administrators and Melissa and I.   Plenty of room for others.   The one big draw back I will admit is the time the meetings start, not everyone can get there by then.  It would be very nice to have them recorded and televised.  I have heard of several schools doing that in the last few years.   Mr.Woulfe does a great job of recording the meetings he goes to for us, but he can not go to them all.   It is such a benefit to be able to see and hear the meetings he records, or at least the audio.

Consider coming to a board meeting some time.   They are not fascinating but they are informative.

When I really have questions or do not understand some thing I call Melissa.   I am sure she would tell you ‘ yes that crazy woman calls ..”   and she and I do not agree on every last thing.  But Melissa is an excellent source  of information.    She knows her stuff.     She will tell you why or how it is in terms of facts, not just her opinion.  What I am saying is Melissa can back up what she says with information and facts she is not just spouting off.    Like I said before she knows her stuff.

Questions for those running for school board please direct them to Melissa at


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