Should Alderperson’s be allowed to have business relationships with contractors? Ethics? audio from meeting supplied by The Evansville Observer..

After seeing the Council shoot down the Mayor‘s proposed change of City Engineer’s and listening to them give some pretty lame reasons for not, when the benefits clearly out weigh their lame excuses.

It brings up the question should alderperson‘s be allowed to have any type of business relationship with contractors while on the City Council or Planning Commission.   The clear , honest answer is no they should not.   But this has been a problem in Evansville for years.

That is why Evansville is in the mess it is in.

Because there does not seem to be any boundaries.    The line is often crossed.

The same goes for our Mayor.  She should not have any business dealings with contractors while in office either.    I am not certain about Mayor Decker.   But I do know our previous mayor did.

It influences how they vote when they have personal business ventures with contractors.

Tony Wyse did not vote regarding the change in city engineers ?  Why?  He had just as much time as any one else to study what he was given.   Is it because he did not want to upset a certain contractor in town who he has a business relationship with?

What about Mason Braunschweig?    A lot of double talk from Mason.

The truth is these contractors in town need David Sauer because he will put through anything.

Some of these alderpersons need the contractors.    They have done business with the contractors .

This has been going on for years.   Now after this last week’s events.  Now maybe Mayor Decker will open her eyes to what has been going on for years and how it really does effect Evansville.

We need a code of ethics, and for it to be followed by our alderpersons, and for no business relationships with contractors to be part of it.

We must never forget West Field Meadows  and the flooding issues out there , that still have not been resolved.   Brand New Homes,  pumping water out of their basements every spring and hard rain.

All because of the greed  of local contractors,  alderpersons wanting to help their buddies the contractors,  and David Sauer who will put any thing through.   He has given Evansville bad advice on more than one occasion.

Time for him to go.

We must never forget Westfield Meadows… or should we say Westfield Marsh.



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