The Importance of Attendance.

Melissa Hammann has written an article in this week’s Evansville Review.    Sharon Skinner, Tina Rossmiller and new comer Marshall Reese are all running for school board.

In this article Mr.Reese brings up attendance by current school board members.  This is not surprising topic to bring up because is I have had  several people over the last year bring it to my attention that a current board member is gone quite often, late , leaves early.   So this is some thing that people have noticed and pay attention to .

If someone is going to run for school board, city council , Mayor  before they run they need to make sure they have the time to commit.  If there are to many other obligations, do not run , step down and let someone else fill that spot who can devote the time it deserves.

Because it’s not fair to the other board members who put in the time.  It’s not fair to the students in the district to have a board member who is only there half the time.  That is not what people vote for, a half time board member.    IT is not right.

To compare the attendance rate of other school boards in the area  is also not right .   Because we are talking about Evansville.  If board members from other boards do not show up half the time who cares.  It does not affect Evansville residents.    It is not o.k. to have such a crappy attendance rate and it has been noticed by the people of  Evansville.

People do pay attention.

It is good to see Marshall Reese running.    I like the fact he is a teacher.   That is a huge plus.   That is some thing the board could use his experience.  He has always lived in the area.

He has a Facebook page!!!  Which is awe some !!!  Which I hope if elected he keeps to keep people informed about what is going on .

Before I vote for him I will have to hear more from him but he has already made some very good points.

I urge you to read the article Melissa wrote as it discusses who is running and why, and comments from all three who are running.   She also discusses the attendance issue.

If  someone can not give 100%   the majority of the time they should not hold an elected position.   This person has made a habit for a long time of being late, not coming at all, or leaving early.  It is not a new thing, it is a pattern and one that is not o.k.

A person would never get away with that type of attendance rate at work because it affects the job you do, same thing can be said for running for a place on the board.  It effects the job they do.

If you do not have the time , do not run.

Attendance is important at school, work and elected positions.


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  1. Hi Chasin’:

    I can’t contact you, so I’ll leave my comments here. I did an in depth analysis of board member absences and late arrivals. No single board member was late for, absent from or left early from 50 percent of the meetings. Mr. Reese’s statement was, “Since July, at least one member was late, left early, or was absent to half of the board meetings.” What he meant by this was, in aggregate (amongst all 7 members), only 44 percent of the meetings (8/18) were attended by all members for the entire duration of every meeting since July 1. One week one member is gone, another week another is gone, etc. Individual attendance scores for board members range from 67-100 percent. These figures include incidents in which members were as little as four minutes late for a meeting. The two people he is running against have attendance rates of 89-94 percent.

    As for whether or not one should view this information in comparison to other boards, I respectfully disagree with you. One data point is meaningless unless viewed in context with like data. The specific districts chosen were random among those with websites that were easy to search through for school board minutes. After doing four of them, I was sort of done with the whole exercise in math and reading minutes. What this tells us is whether or not Evansville is similar to, better than or worse than other boards in attendance matters. Evansville board members are not appreciably different from those on other area school boards in matters of attendance.

    • chasinthenews Says:

      I thank you for this information. How ever I disagree about comparing us to other school boards.

      Bad attendance, is bad attendance. However it does not cause us harm here in Evansville if several of Albany’s board members are gone often or late most of time.

      A Evansville board member being gone often, or coming in late often or leaving early often does cause concern for those in Evansville. We do not vote for part time board members and if they can not make the commitment they should not be doing it.

      Before running people need to decide do I have the time? Do I want to commit my self to so much time for this board?

      It’s a interesting point that was made and I know there are several people who will be watching the attendance of not just the school board but the City Council.

      We can not stress attendance to students when we do not get it from our board.

      Same can be said for city council.

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