Mayor Decker– Hold A Public Meeting Regarding Possible Change of City Engineer .

Mayor Decker after last night’s meeting I have to say I am stunned.   Because under the current engineering firm there has been some very bad decisions.   I would never expect you to say it out loud but I bet you can think of a couple of examples just right off the top of your head.

I would strongly urge you when you are ready to move forward presenting another firm, or the same one you did last night.  Hold a public meeting, right before the council meeting.

Invite all those affected by the bad choices pushed through by this engineering firm, by David Sauer.   The first one I think of is WEST FIELD MEADOWS.  Invite those people who own those homes who are seriously affected by the flooding.

Invite those who have been affected by other development projects that were not really in the best interest of anyone .

Invite those affected by Citgo going into a residential area.    I am sure there are other projects that really did not go as planned but got help being pushed through by David and this engineering firm Cedarcorp? he works for.

Let the people who have been effected tell why it’s time for a change.   Let the people of Evansville make your case for you.

If you were to do this please  post notice all over town , not just in the Review.

You have the right idea and if more people had known about the meeting last night , that room would have been filled.

Evansville needs change and this is an excellent place to start.


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