I Am Very Proud of The Mayor!!!!! Evansville Observer has audio.

I am very proud of her.   I am.  Good for her.   She gets it.    Dan Wietecha also encouraged a change in engineering  firms.

Enough of the same old crap.   Time for a change.

The Mayor is right we need a firm not a person.

This town will never move in any positive direction with out change, and this would have been a great one.

I strongly suggest you contact your alderperson.  This needs to be addressed again.    A change needs to happen.

I think some of these alderpersons are to buddy,buddy with David Sauer the current city engineer.

This decision needs to be based on professional thoughts, not friendships.


Shame on the council.  They really want nothing better for Evansville than the same old thing, which is the wrong attitude.

I think the council crossed line between a friendship with David and a professional relationship.. they put their friendship before what is best for the city. David is an employee, not a friend. He sure used the word trust a lot.  I wonder why.   Did he TRUST his buddies would keep him employed by the city?

That is a bad mix in politics.


Congratulation Mayor Decker for taking a stand for the right thing.   Thank you to Dan Wietecha as well.


THANK you to the Evansville Observer  for the audio,… this was very good coverage.



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