Brodhead Plan Commission backs Shopko store deal. Could Evansville have done it?

WE really do not know if Shopko approached  Evansville about putting a store in our town.  We do not know .

Because the city surely is not going to tell us is they had to turn them away because they have no more money for another or in addition to a current  tif district.  It makes one think about it.  Because they have foolishly thrown money at the down town and it has failed.   Once again mayor decker trying to proclaim Discover Wisconsin a success.  Has she looked at the down town lately?  Pitiful.

That rumble strip may have caused more business  to stay away , instead of bringing them in like they thought it would.   It is does create noise no one likes.

So more than likely Brodhead will benefit from this business coming to town. It will be a nice help to their tax base and their taxes are already lower than ours.

Think about the money the mayor and alders  spent on that pin wheel that should have been spent bringing in business.  I would be curious to see how much the city is in already for repairs on that thing as it has has been down several times already. At some point we are going to ask for a spread sheet showing cost vs profit from the pin wheel..

But then almost every  town around has lower taxes than Evansville based on what Wisconsin tax alliance has.That is a big consideration for business’s that look at coming to Evansville and our taxes are sky-high.   That is something the mayor and city council have created not jobs, not business , but one of the highest  taxes in rock county.


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