Discover Wisconsin: So Brodhead is getting a SHOPKO.. and here sits Evansville with nothing.

Every time we go to Brodhead for a game or drive through on the way to Monroe, I wonder how it is Brodhead has so much more industry and retail stores than Evansville. They are a fraction of the size of  Evansville the last time I looked almost half  if that.   Yet they have more retail shops, restaurants, and industry.   They have for years.   Now Shopko has tagged them as where they want to be.   Most of these retail stores have been there for years, yet you will hear Brodhead residents claim they do not shop in town , but there down town is filled with retail stores, not offices.  This would suggest they get tourism!!!  People come to shop in Brodhead!!!   In Evansville the offices in the down town area are as many as the retail stores.   Offices do not bring tourism and business into town .   Retail stores do.  Unique , fun stores.

The Mayor in Brodhead it’s his family that owns the pharmacy in town.   This pharmacy has been there for years.   But many do not go there because of service.

I wonder why Shopko would choose Brodhead when they already have a store in Monroe, and Monroe is as close to Brodhead as Janesville is to us.   If they go a little further the other way there is Janesville.

But this would be a huge win for Brodhead if Shopko ends up there.   Because Shopko will not compete with their UNIQUE stores,  the hardware store there has never been anything to speak of not like our nice hard ware store here in town.

Those in charge in Brodhead clearly know how to get things done , and attract industry and retail .   They have not dumped millions in to their down town only to have it fail .   They have not dumped thousands into DISCOVER WISCONSIN only to have it be a epic failure.

mayor decker tries to claim that Discover Wisconsin was very successful.  I will just come out and say what many have said that I have talked to. Bullshit!   Just ask the business’s that have left the down town area in the last year.  mayor decker like many politicians we have heard in the last week from Iowa,  spins the truth to fit her own agenda.   One look at the down town and you know she is trying to put a good spin on  bad news.   To taint the truth .

If this Shopko never goes  into Brodhead it is clear Brodhead knows how to attract business, how to get things done.  How to lower taxes.

Maybe our mayor and council members, city leaders  could get tutored by those in Brodhead .


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  1. Odd place for Shopko to want to go. Evansville has never been able to attract anything of any substance to town. The down town is a sad joke. We need new leadership in town starting with the mayor and several of current sitting alder persons Lets home spring of 2012 brings new leadership to Evansville..

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